In Support of the Culture Shapers

Every so often, a student transforms Boston College in a way that forever alters the fabric of this University. All who follow these special few will not know BC in any other state, and those that exist alongside them would not have it any other way. These persons are wise beyond their years. Not only do they have the insight to discern the need for activism in some segment of the community, but they have the unfailing perserverance, the daunting determination, and keen understanding of human nature to gauge issues and form solutions.

This year, we have chosen Kelsey Gasseling, A&S ’11, as our Person of the Year. For the past two years, Gasseling has served as the president of the GLBTQ Leadership Council (GLC). In her tenure, she has brought GLBTQ issues to the forefront of campus-wide discussions.These conversations are being repeated nationwide at Catholic institutions, as GLBTQ students take  on a more prominent place in student life. Gasseling demonstrates through example that being GLBTQ and being Catholic are not mutually exclusive. She speaks for students who align themselves with the ethics of the Church, disagreeing only with doctrine that excludes believers on the basis of the ones they love.

To have a figure like Gasseling on campus who possesses the courage to spark these discussions is a great benefit for the BC community. Not only has she offered herself as a voice for GLBTQ students, but she’s asked the remainder of the student body to consider issues that regard the deepest level of our humanity—our views of man’s treatment of his fellow man.  Furthermore, Gasseling has moderated these discussions with impeccable grace and welcoming, allowing dialogue to be free and questioning, as she feels this is the only tone that can produce consensus.

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