John Cawthorne Delivers his Final Lecture to Students

Last night John CawthorneJohn Cawthorne, associate undergraduate dean of the Lynch School of Education (LSOE), better known to those who roam the hallowed halls of Campion as John, delivered his final lecture to a Fulton 511 packed with Lynch School students and non-Lynch students alike.

The event was sponsored by the LSOE Undergraduate Senate. Over 200 students were in attendance.

Cawthorne has been affiliated with Boston College since 1988, when he began in the Lynch School as a researcher. He was a research professor for two years before assuming his current position as dean in 1995.

Robyn Antonucci and Alyssa Rosenfeld, co-presidents of LSOE Senate and both LSOE ’11, began the evening by welcoming everyone and thanking the audience for coming. Rosenfeld gave a brief overview of Cawthorne’s achievements, including graduating from Harvard and being the former vice president of the Urban League, a civil rights organization dedicated to elevating the standard of living in traditionally underserved urban neighborhoods.

Antonucci then introduced Cawthorne who was greeted with enthusiastic applause.

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