Last Lecture Given by Atypical Speaker

When asked wKarl Bellhy AID has decided to go against the grain recently, Garber said it was not in any effort to change the profile of the lectures, but simply because they decided by branching out they would be able to provide more unique experiences to students.

“Karl Bell is obviously not planning on retiring any time soon, but we felt he would make a wonderful lecturer because he is energetic, charismatic, and has led a full life with many different experiences,” she said. “Riley’s lecture was focused on the BC senior class of 2010 because they had just closed a chapter of their lives. They were in a pivotal moment and able to bring unique perspective to current undergraduates looking back on their own experiences. The age of our Lecturers is irrelevant to us.”

Martin also echoed similar sentiments regarding the provision of distinct experiences to BC students. “We have a unique experience every time. We always have very different professors as we’ve intentionally selected people that have come from different places in the background, life, and career. Now, we are doing different viewpoints.”

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