Humanity Plus Flexibility Add Up to Strong Work-Life Balance

After Sharon Whitehead was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2001, she worried about how her employer, Somerset Community College, would respond to her request for leave.

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Driving Toward Gender Equity

Adjunct Theology Natana J. DeLong-BasThe members of the Women2Drive campaign in Saudi Arabia are simply trying to be the best mothers, employees and citizens that they possibly can. And that means that they need to be able to drive – safely, carefully and wearing seat belts – to get to work, to care for their children and to carry out the tasks of daily life, says Theology Adjunct Natana J. DeLong-Bas. To read more click here

BC Partnership with Jesuit Universities Worldwide Will Aid Social Welfare in Developing Countries

Economically developing countries in the Global South that seek to improve their welfare systems face a dilemma. Lacking adequate programs of their own, they typically send future scholars and advanced professionals to study social welfare in North America or Europe.  But those models of social welfare may not transfer well to the Global South, and the flow of talent abroad often leads to “brain drain” and impedes the development of professional networks at home.

Boston College aims to address this issue through its newly established doctoral program in international social welfare, which emphasizes and preserves students’ connections with their home countries as part of their training.

The groundbreaking program, which will be headquartered in BC’s Graduate School of Social Work (GSSW), is being funded by a three-year agreement with Sovereign Bank, a part of Spain-based Banco Santander. The bank, through Santander Universities’ Global Division, provides financial support to universities for projects that advance common goals of expanding knowledge and experience throughout the world.

Through the doctoral program, Boston College will form partnerships and exchanges with Jesuit, Catholic universities worldwide to advance and professionalize the field of social welfare. According to program leaders, students will gain research-driven knowledge, experience-based insight, and field-tested skills to address the unique issues faced by each country or community.

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