Muslim Student Association BBQ

This past weekend the Muslim Student Association held a Bar-B-Que on campus. There was plenty of food, fun, and laughter. They even paused long enough to take this great photo.

A group of delighted students on a green feild. They are all smiles and there are soccer balls littered throughout the group.


BC’s Invisible Disabilities Brought To Light

Boston College students are forced to think about the activities of a variety of student groups every day as they pass by bright advertisements while walking through campus. It is not unusual for thousands of BC students to be aware of the upcoming activities of a group composed of only 25 people. There is a group of approximately 200 students united by a commonality, however, that the general BC population is rarely, if ever, forced to consider: students with disabilities.

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A ‘Win-Win’ for Workplaces and Kids

The Boston Private Industry Council helped change that. Established 31 years ago, PIC is a private-public partnership that connects private businesses, the Boston Public Schools and institutions of higher education — including Boston College — with students and young adults looking for employment opportunities. Through PIC, Ngo was able to land a job placement at Liberty Mutual, and it made a major difference for her.


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In Arizona, Censoring Questions About Race

In recent weeks, the state of Arizona has intensified its attack in its schools on an entire branch of study — critical race theory. Books and literature that, in the state’s view, meet that definition have been said to violate a provision in the state’s law that prohibits lessons “promoting racial resentment.” Officials are currently bringing to bear all their influence in the public school curriculum, going so far as to enter classrooms to confiscate books and other materials and to oversee what can be taught. To read more, please click here.

Stand Up

A group of over 50 students, staff and faculty with their hoods up, heads down and fists raised for Trayvon Martin.

A group of over 50 students, staff and faculty with their hoods up, heads down and fists raised for Trayvon Martin.

A group of BC student, faculty and staff gathered in front of O’Neill this past Friday to Stand Up in support and memory of Trayvon Martin. To view the whole album of images, please click here.