Happy 40th Birthday Title IX

Blow out the candles for the law that threw open the doors in gymnasiums and changed the playing fields in every high school, college and university in America to include women and girls.

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Boston’s faces of excellence

Thirty-nine different paths, many that began in distant lands, have brought them together. Through hard work and caring parents and teachers, they have conquered challenges. Now, they have made it to the top of their class. Here is a snapshot of Boston’s 2012 valedictorians.

Three Boston College Students Awarded Boren Scholarships for International Study

Boston College students Matthew Alonsozana, Stephen Jung Woo Choi and Kathleen Leuba, all members of the Class of 2014, have been awarded prestigious David L. Boren Scholarships to study in China (Alonsozana and Choi) and Egypt (Leuba) during the 2012-13 academic year. This year marks the most success Boston College students have achieved in the Boren competition since its establishment in 1994.

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Library Access

Due to the construction on O’Neill Plaza, the ramp outside of O’Neill will be closed and out of service in the next few weeks. Hours and staff of the Level 1 entrance will be adjusted as that will be the only fully accessible entrance all summer.  The Level 1 entrance will be open the same hours as the Library for the duration of the project.

For questions or concerns please contact Lyn, Manager, Business and Administrative Services at goodem@bc.edu or 617-552-0160.