Danielle Coughlin overwhelmed by historic wrestling win

“I remember [Larry] saying, ‘If only you were a boy, if only you were my little brother, you’d be like a nasty wrestler,’ ” said Danielle. “ ‘We’d be like the wrestling siblings.’ ”

That didn’t matter to Danielle, a senior, who became the first girl to win a Massachusetts state wrestling title on Wednesday, securing a 5-3 victory over Winchester’s Jordan Darby in the Division 2 106-pound final.

“Honestly, it’s so overwhelming,” said Coughlin. “After I won, a guy in the stands actually turned to me and he said, ‘Smile, I have to send a picture to my daughter in Africa and tell her that in this country women can become anything.’ I actually started crying when he said that.

“I got a little teary-eyed when I won the state title and my mom was hugging me and I was thinking about my name on the board. But when this guy said that to me, I actually realized that [what I had done] was a little bit bigger than I had first thought.”

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