Diwali: Celebrating the Light of Wisdom

Diwali, the festival of lights, celebrates the victory of good over evil, light over darkness, and knowledge over ignorance. Lamps are lit on this day not just to decorate homes, but also to communicate a profound truth about life — when the darkness within is dispelled through the light of wisdom; the good in us wins over the evil.

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Adding Diversity to Curricula, Starting in the Classrooms

Lafayette College wants to make diversity an integral part of its curriculum­—without a top-down mandate. Rather than requiring professors to sit through diversity seminars or help out with a mandatory diversity course, Lafayette is infusing diversity into the curriculum by building a “social movement,” says Hannah W. Stewart-Gambino, dean of the college.

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Who Has Responsibility for Work-Life?: Lessons From Around the World

I was invited by the U.S. State Department to make a number of presentations on work-life in Slovakia, Austria, and Slovenia last week, highlighting approaches in the U.S., sharing organizational best practices, and individual strategies for work-life integration. The timing was perfect for a number of reasons: it was an innovative way to celebrate National Work and Family Month and the trip came on the heels of the Center for Work & Family’s annual meeting of its Global Workforce Roundtable.

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