Making the Most of a Rare Opportunity

It’s not every day when one of the world’s least studied political systems unexpectedly opens its doors wide. So Associate Professor of Political Science Jonathan Laurence had reason to feel fortunate when Algeria offered him unprecedented political and diplomatic access during his visit there last month.

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Students See Need For Expanded Disability Access At BC

Ease of access is another matter, though—libraries, particularly Bapst, pose a common problem. Fitz-Roy said that while she was at BC, Bapst’s accessible entrance was difficult to find, and it was sometimes closed. Amaral said that she has recently faced problems with the accessible door being locked, the elevator being off, and nighttime security guards sometimes not letting her in immediately.

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University Must Improve Accessibility On Campus

The issue of accessibility for students with disabilities has recently become much more visible on campus, after the art gallery in Bapst was closed a few weeks ago. One of Boston College’s strengths is its commitment to service, opportunity, and equal access, and it is crucial that the University works to uphold this much-vaunted principle in deed as well as word.

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Bapst Student Gallery Closes, Further Limiting Campus Art Space

“We need space that’s devoted to exhibitions,” Gallagher added. “We don’t need a hallway. We’re not in the business of decoration. This is not about finding a place where a student can put up a poster in the Chocolate Bar. It’s about creating discourse around contemporary art practice, and also—very importantly—having a site for cultural programming that comes from students.”

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Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast Breaks Barriers, but Its Parade Does Not

BOSTON — A stage filled with many Irish-American politicians, a traditionally male cohort, opened the annual St. Patrick’s Day breakfast in South Boston on Sunday with a jaunty version of “If You’re Irish, Come Into the Parlor,” when someone else burst in — a Haitian-American woman, singing, dancing and electrifying the audience.

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