For Managers: Supporting your Employees through Workplace Flexibility

Telecommuting, flexible work schedules…they are in high demand from employees, but can they work here at Boston College? The answer is YES, they can and they are!  Flexibility is an excellent tool to help employees meet the increasingly complex obligations of their professional and personal lives. Both research and organizational practice have demonstrated that workplace flexibility can improve employee engagement and retention, decrease stress and absenteeism and increase productivity and satisfaction. This session is designed to empower you, as a manager, with the knowledge and tools you need to successfully manage flexible work on your team.
You will:
* Understand what workplace flexibility is and the many ways it can be implemented
* Recognize the benefits of flexibility and what it can do for your team/department
* Assess whether a job is suitable for a flexible work arrangement
* Evaluate whether an employee can successfully work flexibly
* Determine when it is appropriate to say “No” and how to do it
* Hear from managers at BC who are making flexibility work
* Discuss case scenarios with other managers and brainstorm about how specific situations might be handled
The Boston College Center for Work & Family is a leader in research and practice on workplace flexibility, having worked with many top organizations to implement their flexibility initiatives.
We are happy to contribute this expertise to the Boston College community and encourage BC  managers to take advantage of this great resource on campus.

Date: Wednesday, March 26, 2014  9:00-11:30 am
Location: Walsh Function Room
Please register through the Employee Development website