Supreme Court Upholds Michigan Affirmative Action Ban

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Tuesday morning upheld Michigan’s ban on using race as a factor in college admissions.

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Sotomayor accuses colleagues of trying to ‘wish away’ racial inequality

Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s fierce defense of the affirmative action efforts such as the ones that helped move her from a Bronx housing project to the upper echelons of American law found renewed voice Tuesday in an impassioned dissent that accused colleagues of trying to “wish away” racial inequality — and drew a tart response from Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.

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For Those With Ph.D.s in STEM Fields, Blacks More Likely to Work in Academia Than Whites

A new study by the American Institutes for Research finds that 39 percent of individuals who hold a Ph.D. in STEM disciplines are employed in the academic world. More than 40 percent of all those with Ph.D.s in STEM fields are not involved in research and development either in the academic sphere or in the nonacademic world.

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Boston Portraits

“I think people are very adaptable. I’m a research librarian at Boston College, and one of the nurse theorists there developed what is known as ‘The Roy Adaptation Model.’ It describes how people can adapt to any health situation and lead a good life. That’s also my own philosophy. I find that whatever happens to you in life, you learn how to move on and rise above it…”

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