Jobs with Special Meaning

BC’s supported employment program brings persons with special needs into ‘a great community’ Read more here


Center to Educate Students on Real Estate, Urban Action

Boston College has created the Joseph E. Corcoran Center for Real Estate and Urban Action. Housed in the Carroll School of Management, the center is designed to educate and inspire the next generation of professionals to use real estate as a catalyst for turning struggling neighborhoods into stable, flourishing communities..” Read more here

Love Your Body Week Presents: Lily Myers

Lily Myers lives up to your expectations and more when she presented to Boston College students and staff Wednesday, 11/12/14, during Love Your Body Week. Her performance and the opening readings were amazing.  The readings covered a variety of topics. From street harassment, to finding the balance with your body, to always remembering to love yourself; some people left the poetry slam in tears. The students were overfilled with emotions. It was a great event because not only were the readings relatable to the audience, but it raised awareness for women’s rights and freedom. Love Your Body Week