As Lawrence Evolves, St. Patrick’s Parish Broadens Its Mission


St. Patrick’s Parish, founded in Lawrence in 1872, used to be a haven for the Irish community. These days the rustic green steeple shares a street corner with a Vietnamese noodle shop and a Dominican restaurant.

Read the article about how the city has evolved.


A letter from Dean Maureen Kenny to the LSOE community with resources for ongoing dialogues about race & justice

“As faculty and students have been engaged in the normal end of semester activities of preparing papers and studying for exams, we have simultaneously been trying to understand and cope with the disturbing events in Ferguson (Michael Brown), Staten Island (Eric Garner), and Cleveland (Tamir Rice).” Read the letter here.

Nicole Hurd, helps thousands understand it’s possible for them to attend college:

“In January, Ms. Hurd spoke on a panel at a White House summit on the topic. When Bloomberg Philanthropies announced a $10-million commitment to help high-achieving, low-income students, her organization,College Advising Corps, was on its list of partners. And her name appeared in one news article after another about college access.” Click here to read more about it. 

Ferguson puts spotlight on what we need to change

“Like so many other Americans, I waited anxiously for a decision from the Missouri grand jury and was not particularly surprised when I learned that Officer Darren Wilson would face no charges in the killing of the unarmed black teen Michael Brown. It is very unusual for police officers to be prosecuted in these circumstances. Nonetheless, while I hesitate to second-guess the grand jury’s review of the evidence, the result troubles me. The tragedy in Ferguson is another in a long list of examples of how guns and deadly violence distort the relationship between citizens and the police in the United States.” Read the story here.