A Bonus from Pope Francis: Praying with People of Other Faiths

Cambridge, MA. One of the lesser noticed but important contributions of Pope Francis’ Laudato Si comes at the very end: “At the conclusion of this lengthy reflection which has been both joyful and troubling, I propose that we offer two prayers. The first we can share with all who believe in a God who is the all-powerful Creator, while in the other we Christians ask for inspiration to take up the commitment to creation set before us by the Gospel of Jesus.” (n. 246) The second of these is a beautiful Trinitarian prayer, but it is the first on which I wish to comment here. It is “a prayer for our earth” that is to be shared by all “who believe in a God who is the all-powerful Creator.” (I give it below, near the end of this post.) Read the complete article


GOP’s fear of a black America: The long, racist history which explains Dylann Roof and stains the so-called “party of Lincoln”

Dylann Roof’s assault was the latest salvo in the racial struggle we have fought since 1865: Who owns America?  Writes Professor of History at BC, Heather Cox Richardson.  Read the complete article.

There Is No Homogenous Latino Catholic Vote

Will American Catholics take to heart the teachings of the Pope Francis on “care for our common home” when going to the voting booth? And at a time when nearly half of all Catholics in the United States are Latino, will this Latin American pope have any influence on their political convictions, and thus, on the 2016 election? Read the complete article.

Michelle Obama Talks About Race and Success, and Makes It Personal

CHICAGO — She looked around and saw herself three decades ago, young and uncertain, from a part of town where success is a struggle, not a birthright. She knew what they had been through, what it was like to take the long way home to avoid gangs, what it was like when the family strained to make ends meet.

Read the full article and watch a selection of clips of the first lady’s recent speeches to young people around the country.