Father’s labor of love puts 5 kids through Boston College

It was past midnight, and all was quiet inside Robsham Theater, a sprawling performance space at Boston College.

Fred Vautour sponged down sinks, scrubbed toilets, and polished mirrors. Pushing a yellow cart loaded with a mop, broom, and cleaning supplies, he moved on to the hallway, where he swept up paper scraps and cleaned the large windows looking onto the campus. In the distance, the Gothic towers of Gasson Hall and Bapst Library faded into the dark sky. Read more about this story


Maura Lester McSweeney 2016 Romero Scholar

Maura Lester McSweeney ’17, a philosophy major and international studies minor involved in advocacy work on behalf of social justice issues, has been awarded the 2016 Archbishop Oscar A. Romero Scholarship.  Read more about this story