Effective Recruitment Strategies for Older Workers

When it comes to workforce planning, it’s all about the numbers – of people, that is.  Demographic data suggest impending labor shortages and increasingly tight labor markets, due to projections of weak growth in the working age population over the next 15 years. Continued immigration will help to fill some of the gaps, however, an increasing number of older workers are healthy and motivated to continue working. They could fill some of these deficits in the talent pool, and might want to do so for several reasons: to supplement their current income or retirement funds, obtain health insurance benefits, pursue an encore career, or just to remain active in the world of work.
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Dedication to Duty

Alumna Darlene (MacIsaac) Hinojosa, a nurse practitioner and colonel in the Army Nurse Corps, U.S. Army Reserve, has been honored with the Connell School of Nursing’s 2016 Dean Rita P. Kelleher Award.  Read the complete story