Black and Brown Amidst the Orange and Green: Toward a Multiracial History of Ireland


The Fall 2018 Dalsimer Lecture, titled Black and Brown Amidst the Orange and Green: Toward a Multiracial History of Ireland, will be presented by Dr. Mark Doyle from Middle Tennessee State University!

The history of nonwhite people in Ireland extends much further, and is much more significant, than many people suppose. This lecture will uncover the deep history of Asian and African immigrants and visitors to Ireland in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, arguing for a new history of Ireland that not only incorporates the experiences of nonwhite people but also uses those experiences to understand Irish attitudes toward race, immigration, and empire in the modern era.42182207_1806237572829434_5283205529546522624_o


Hispanic Heritage Month Opening


Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off with a special event welcoming keynote speaker Stephanie Valencia!

Celebrate culture and engage in conversation with a prominent staff member in the White House Office of Public Engagement during the Obama Administration.

Thursday, September 20th at 6pm-8pm in the Murray Room.
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CARE Week 2017- A week to raise awareness about sexual assault, rape, and intimate partner violence

Tuesday, March 28. Though matters of rape and sexual assault are issues that college students face throughout the year, the WC holds Concerned About Rape Education (CARE) Week during the spring semester of every year which focuses on raising awareness about sexual assault and intimate partner violence on and off campus.
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Effective Recruitment Strategies for Older Workers

When it comes to workforce planning, it’s all about the numbers – of people, that is.  Demographic data suggest impending labor shortages and increasingly tight labor markets, due to projections of weak growth in the working age population over the next 15 years. Continued immigration will help to fill some of the gaps, however, an increasing number of older workers are healthy and motivated to continue working. They could fill some of these deficits in the talent pool, and might want to do so for several reasons: to supplement their current income or retirement funds, obtain health insurance benefits, pursue an encore career, or just to remain active in the world of work.
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Learning Ally Awards

Auburn Stephenson, and Connor Brady, both college freshman at Boston College have been recognized by a national nonprofit as role models for persons with learning disabilities. They were selected by Learning Ally for their 2016 National Achievement Awards. Auburn and Connor both were diagnosed with dyslexia in high school, but through Learning Ally there were able to find resources and develop strategies that enabled them to manage their schoolwork. To read the full article, please click here.

Father’s labor of love puts 5 kids through Boston College

It was past midnight, and all was quiet inside Robsham Theater, a sprawling performance space at Boston College.

Fred Vautour sponged down sinks, scrubbed toilets, and polished mirrors. Pushing a yellow cart loaded with a mop, broom, and cleaning supplies, he moved on to the hallway, where he swept up paper scraps and cleaned the large windows looking onto the campus. In the distance, the Gothic towers of Gasson Hall and Bapst Library faded into the dark sky. Read more about this story