Progress being made on College Campuses across the country

Across the country students are coming together to fight for protection, equal rights, and racial diversity on their campus. Places such as Yale  and Georgetown University  have been the most recent names in the news. The president of Yale University has responded to the growing racial tension on the campus, and Georgetown students have successfully convinced the University to rename buildings that were originally named after slave owners. Click here to read the Yale article, and here to read the Georgetown article.

AAIHS – African American Intellectual History Society

Over the past several weeks, I have been working closely with fellow historians Chad Williams and Kidada Williams; and a group of talented librarians (Cecily Walker, Ryan P. Randall, and Melissa Morrone) on the #Charlestonsyllabus. In the aftermath of thehorrendous shooting that unfolded in Charleston, South Carolina, Chad Williams turned to Twitter to express his frustrations about the continued distortions of history that charlestonSyllabus

dominated mass media. Indeed, these same distorted versions of history have often dominated public discourse—i.e. suggestions that somehow the Confederate flag the shooter displayed on his clothing had nothing to do with white supremacy; or somehow the shooter’s actions were so exceptional as to imply that it was not part of a long and painful history of anti-black racism and racial violence in the US and abroad.