Department of Interior Enlisting Scholars’ Help to Incorporate LGBT History

The U.S. Department of the Interior is hosting a panel discussion of historians, scholars and preservationists today to discuss ways to educate the public about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history. Click here to learn more about LGBT history.


U.S. Catholic Church Must Adapt to Meet the Needs of Hispanic Catholics, Says Boston College Study

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. (5-5-14) – The explosive growth of Hispanic Catholics is overwhelming the Catholic Church in America, which is at risk of losing an ethnic group crucial to the future of the Church in the U.S., according to a landmark Boston College study of Hispanic Catholic parishes in the United States.

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Once a First-Generation Student, Now a College President

As the first person in her family to go to college, Kathleen McCartney understands the challenges facing first-generation students. Today she is president of Smith College. In a recent conversation, Ms. McCartney talked about how colleges are better at serving such students, the importance of mentors, and how her background shapes her approach to college leadership.

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Study: Asian Americans Gaining Equity Ground with AANAPISI Designation

If colleges and universities are going to leave race-based affirmative action cases up to the states during the admission process based on the Supreme Court Decision last Tuesday, then the minorities already enrolled in post-secondary education need services and support to successfully matriculate now more than ever.

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